My parents were buying a home and TitleMark saved them $3000 in illegal overcharges by the mortgage broker. And TitleMark wasn’t even their attorney! The seller selected him for the closing. My parents don’t speak English so they feel especially fortunate that TitleMark was involved.

Our house is a “For Sale By Owner.” After some weeks, we learned that many realtors charge one-percent of the purchase price as a transaction fee for certain services. But TitleMark handles the same services at no additional cost!

Even though a realtor helped us market our home, TitleMark handled all the other matters. So, we got the benefit of both a lawyer and title insurance company at no added expense. We wouldn’t even consider buying or selling a home without hiring TitleMark as the closing agent.

TitleMark closed our refinance right in our home, on a Saturday. Thank you for making the process so convenient for us.