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TitleMark’s Closing Team

Real estate transactions can be quite intimidating and full of unknowns and surprises. With TitleMark, you can take comfort in the fact that an experienced, seasoned and diligent team of real estate professionals will be working for you to have a successful transaction. In addition to having Kris Fernandez, Esq., a Florida Bar Certified Real Estate Specialist, involved in your transaction, TitleMark’s team includes, title agents, closing agents and support personnel that are experienced in the real estate closing process.

Kris and the team are here to meet your needs, to answer questions and to assist you through every step of the complex closing process! Should an issue unexpectedly arise as you move toward closing, you will have peace of mind knowing you already have an attorney involved that can be retained promptly to address any problem that you may have or issue that may arise.

When you choose TitleMark, you get more than just a title company.  You get a team of dedicated and caring professionals working for you, striving to give the best service in the title industry at a very competitive price.

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