1031 Exchanges

A 1031 tax deferred exchange, if handled properly, can save TItleMark clients considerably when it comes to paying federal taxes.  A 1031 exchange is a method created under the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) by which a taxpayer trades property, held for investment or business purposes, for replacement property, resulting in a tax deferral.  When you sell a business or an investment property and you realize a gain from the sale, you will likely have to pay tax to the Internal Revenue Service.  1031 Exchanges are often referred to as “tax deferred exchanges” because the transaction itself is not taxed, and those taxes are deferred to a later date, if certain rules are followed.  Contact us to get a list of qualified intermediaries we work with and to speak with our Board Certified Real Estate Specialist Kris Fernandez, Esq., to make sure your next 1031 exchange transaction receives the attention it deserves.